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The Dental Team You Need

At Coulee Region Implant & Oral Surgery Center you will find the dental team you’ve searching for to help you reach your oral health goals. From the first visit with you implant dentist, Dr. Leslee Timm, you can expect a warm and welcoming environment complete with the friendly faces of our dental team. We know the anxiety revolving around receiving dental treatment can prevent you from taking control of your oral health. Having a dental team you trust can help you take the leap and conquer those treatments you’ve been putting off. Coulee Region Implant & Oral Surgery Center is a premier implant center in the La Crosse, WI area, serving patients over decades with excellence.
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Bringing Excellence to Dental Implant Surgery

We believe in providing our patients an excellent experience from their first to last visit to our office. During your consultation with Dr. Timm, a thorough examination will take place, as well as various scans and X-ray images to ensure your surgery is as efficient and precise as possible. Based on your exam and scans, your implant dentist designs a customized treatment plan unique to you. We use cutting edge technology and the highest quality materials when treating patients who visit us for dental implants. Every factor in your treatment plan is designed to ensure the success of your dental implants and surgery. Dental implants and restorations are designed in our in-house lab by your implant dentist and technicians. Our office specializes in the All-On-4® dental implant treatment protocol, a less invasive and cost-effective procedure for dental implants. All-On-4 requires a highly skilled and trained implant dentist like Dr. Timm to ensure the success of this ground-breaking technique. Dr. Timm will strategically place up to four dental implants directly into the jawbone to provide the stability and bone support for your custom restoration. Patients can leave the same day of their surgery with a beautiful, newly restored smile.

For decades Coulee Region Implant & Oral Surgery Center has astounded patients with our commitment to excellence in all areas of full mouth reconstruction. Our dental implants have changed lives all over the area for the better, bringing patients a higher quality of life. When choosing an implant dentist near you, choose one with the experience and training to ensure the success of your surgery. Dr. Leslee Timm is trained as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, capable of addressing all types of cases. Every patient presents unique needs and you need an implant dentist capable of tackling any dental issue that arises. The comfort of our patients is of the utmost importance to us. We offer a variety of sedation dentistry options to ensure our patients are relaxed and anxiety-free during their procedure. Sedation dentistry options are discussed during your consultation with Dr. Timm and available to all qualified patients. Dental implant surgery is an important component in full mouth reconstruction and taking charge of your oral health. Investing in and making your oral health a priority requires finding a dental team that demonstrates excellence in all aspects. Trust in us to be the dental implant team you’ve been searching for!

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Thinking Beyond Procedures

At Coulee Region Implant & Oral Surgery Center, we look beyond the procedure and ensure we offer more to our patients. From our in-house lab, comfortable environment, friendly dental team, and various financial options available to our patients. Providing affordable dentistry is an important pillar to our dental practice. Learn more about the various insurance carriers and third-party financing firms we work closely with to help make investing in your dental treatment easier. Simply contact our financial department to learn how to maximize your insurance benefits and utilize the financing options we have available. The team behind your dental implant surgery is vital to its success. Choose an implant dentist you trust to help you through your dental implant journey. Schedule a complimentary consultation with us to learn how our office can exceed your expectations in dental implant surgery.

Choose Excellence in Your Dental Implant Surgery.

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